Stunning New Fan Art Shows Us Daniel Radcliffe As The MCU’s Wolverine


The problem with spending so many years bringing to life one of the most famous characters in cinema is that audiences may forever associate you with that one part. Take Hugh Jackman for example, who despite his continued insistence that he’s finished playing Wolverine, still gets bombarded with requests online for him to return to wield the claws at least once more.

Likewise, Daniel Radcliffe will probably always be Harry Potter for many people, and while he might not be the most obvious choice to bring the aforementioned mutant to life in the MCU when the role is inevitably recast, you could at least argue that putting him in the part would kill two birds with one stone. It’d give us a new version of the character to replace Jackman in the mind of many fans and also give Radcliffe a role that’s probably too big to be overshadowed by his time at Hogwarts.

Of course, it seems unlikely that Daniel Radcliffe will ever play Wolverine despite the continued demand for him to do so, but if you’d like a look at how he could appear as the hero should this somehow actually pan out, we’ve got you covered with this really rather stunning piece of fan art down below.

Not bad, right? At this point, no one can deny that the Harry Potter actor could certainly look the part should Marvel decide to go with him, but again, it seems like a longshot. Especially since he’s already shot down the rumors. He could just be playing around with his fans, but it appears more likely that the studio will end up choosing someone like Taron Egerton, who’s another strong contender for the part.

In any case, it could be a while before we find out who the next Wolverine will be. But no doubt the fans will continue to speculate right up until the announcement is made and in the meantime, why not leave your own choice for the role in the comments section below?