Taron Egerton Addresses Wolverine Rumors, Says He’d Love To Join The MCU


Hugh Jackman launched his entire career on the back of playing Wolverine, going from a virtual unknown actor to one of the biggest movie stars in the world, with his work as Logan establishing the mutant superhero as one of the most beloved characters in cinema.

Following the critical and commercial success of Logan, the Australian actor gracefully stepped away from the role, having played Wolverine nine times in seventeen years. However, no marketable character is left alone for too long these days, and with the rights to the X-Men reverting back to Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige admitting that a reboot is in development, there will inevitably be a new name growing out the sideburns to step into Jackman’s shoes in the near future.

Plenty of stars have been linked to Wolverine already, and one of the favorites among fans is Taron Egerton. The Kingsman and Rocketman actor has been heavily touted by some as the ideal candidate, and having already addressed the rumors in the past, the 29 year-old has once again commented on the speculation in a recent interview.

“I think that I love those films and I’ve got lots of friends who play roles in those films and they love it, and they have a great time… I don’t know. I think the Logan thing is really interesting. I’m slightly baffled by it. I’ve never felt like a Wolverine sort of guy. I think that one’s a few years away. I know that Kevin Feige’s spoken about it being a few years away. Maybe in a few years I’ll look rough enough for it. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m a fan of those movies and of course I would love to be a part of them.”

While Egerton admits that he doesn’t seem like the typical fit for a character like Logan, he can barely hide the fact that he wants in on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Every rising star in Hollywood would love to be a part of the massive franchise, after all, and it seems like only a matter of time before he joins the MCU in some form, whether it be as Wolverine or another hero.