Taron Egerton Wants To Join The MCU, But Shoots Down Wolverine Rumors


It’s only a matter of time before Wolverine arrives in the MCU, following Kevin Feige’s official confirmation that an X-Men reboot is on its way and will be with us in Phase 5. Obviously, it’ll be difficult to find someone who can take over the iconic role from Hugh Jackman, but the internet has found a possible candidate that a lot of folks seem to like: Kingsman star Taron Egerton.

Now, in a new interview with Variety, the British actor has addressed the rumors, and his comments might cause his fans to have some mixed emotions. “I think I love Marvel and I love the movies,” Egerton said on whether him suiting up as Logan could happen. “And I’d love the excuse to get in shape… I’d love to be a part of it but whether that one is realistic or not, I don’t know.”

Some are theorizing in the replies to Variety’s tweet that Egerton may be hinting that he’s already in talks with Marvel Studios for a different character who’s not Wolverine. Others, meanwhile, are arguing he’d be a better fit for Johnny Storm/Human Torch. And who’s to say that Marvel isn’t considering him for that role in their Fantastic Four reboot? It was announced at the same time as the new X-Men film, after all.

In any case, these latest comments from Egerton echo what he’s said before on the same topic. Last time he was asked about the possibility of playing Logan, the star dismissed the talk as “a rumor” and said he didn’t think he was “grisly” enough for the character. However, he again maintained that he’d love to be part of “that world,” meaning the MCU, somehow.

If not as Wolverine, then tell us, who do you think Taron Egerton should play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe once he’s wrapped up his time in the Kingsman franchise? Join the discussion in the comments section down below.