These Are The Rogue One BTS Photos You Were Looking For

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story entered theaters over the month ago, yet the impact of its gigantic release is still being felt. If you go to your local multiplex, there’s a good chance it’s still playing. If you visit your local pub, you’ll still engage in a conversation about it, favorable or otherwise.

The newest Star Wars movie wasn’t necessarily the most overwhelmingly well-received film in the franchise, but it certainly wasn’t the worst, either. The divisive (and occasionally controversial) spinoff gave everyone something to say, but you might find your breath taken away by these new behind-the-scenes stills, which were released earlier this week. They’re seen in the gallery above.

Taken and shared by Australian photographer Alex Benetel on her Instagram (via Hello Giggles), these photos give a first-hand look at some BTS moments from the space-based film. Intimate, solemn and often sun-kissed, Benetel’s unique perspective from the London set provides a rich experience not often seen by fans in the comfort of their homes. They’re a dynamic window into a side of the fantasy franchise that’s often ignored or unseen, but is no doubt gorgeous.

Here’s what Benetel had to say regarding her experience on the film’s set:

It was an unforgettable, once in a lifetime opportunity. There were only four of us invited and I was the only photographer outside of the U.S. and Canada.

Indeed, there are few opportunities like visiting the set of a Star Wars film, and while the final product wasn’t universally celebrated, there were only a few who failed to recognize its beauty throughout. There’s no shortage of stunning sets and sequences, and more than a few are captured through Benetel’s lens in these exceptional previously-unseen photos.

Tell us, what do you think of these Rogue One: A Star Wars Story pics? And how did you feel about the film itself? We’re sure you’re not shy on the matter, so let us know in the usual place.

Source: Instagram