Stunning Fan Art Shows Us Hugh Jackman In The Classic Wolverine Suit


While you certainly can’t fault his performance, every Wolverine fan wishes that Hugh Jackman had had the chance to don the hero’s classic comic book costume at least once. And now, with the actor retired from the role and saying he won’t ever return (despite Marvel Studios reportedly trying to coax him back), it seems we’ll never get to see it happen. Thankfully, though, some new fan art has surfaced online that shows us how it could’ve looked.

A lot more faithful than any of those boring black jumpsuits Fox put Wolvie in for a number of their films, the outfit you’ll see in the gallery below would’ve definitely pleased fans had it shown up on the big screen. But alas, Fox chose to keep Jackman out of it and to their credit, they had a good reason for why – which we’ll get into shortly.

First, though, feast your eyes on the artwork below, courtesy of Instagram user MizuriOfficial:

So, why did Jackman never don this costume in the films? Well, according to the studio, it just didn’t fit the tone of their X-Men universe, which is fair enough. In fact, Logan showed us that the suit does exist in the franchise’s continuity, but it’s the costume worn by the fictionalized version of the character that’s seen in comic books and action figures.

With Wolverine soon to be rebooted in the MCU though, it’ll be interesting to see how Kevin Feige and co. handle the hero and if they give him a comic-accurate look. We’ve been given no indication of what they have planned yet so we don’t know if it’s indeed on the cards, but you have to imagine that they’ve at least heard the fans’ cries for it to happen.

But tell us, do you think Marvel will put Wolverine in his traditional suit when they bring him into the MCU? Or would it look out of place and not fit the tone of the cinematic universe? Sound off down below with your thoughts.

Source: Instagram