Stunning new images revealed from ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ 4K restoration

Image via Paramount Pictures

Star Trek TOS fans take note! Paramount has released its first still images from the upcoming 4K ultra high definition restoration of the first TOS cast movie, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and the pictures are stunning. Paramount announced the planned restoration last summer. The imager includes a look at the iconic Starship Enterprise, refitted for its first motion picture adventure, as well as a look at a satellite facility in orbit far above the earth.

The restoration will include a scene-by-scene HDR color grading that will provide a visual experience of the film never possible until now. In addition, the film will be edited to align more closely with original director Robert Wise’s initial vision of the story, which proved to be unfeasible in the original theatrical release due to tight shooting schedules that afforded little wiggle room for change. The new restoration will include abandoned story elements that were abandoned as well as additional special effects created for the film’s 2001 DVD release. Although the theatrical release has been available on blu-ray before, this will mark the first time the director’s cut will be available in an HD format.

Although Wise, who also directed the screen musicals, Sound of Music and West Side Story, passed away in 2005 at the age of 91, visual effects supervisor Daren R. Dochterman, producer David C. Fein, and restoration supervisor Mike Matessino all worked with him on the original release and are involved with the current restoration.

Speaking about Wise in a 2019 interview with, visual effects legend Douglas Trumball, who worked on The Motion Picture, said, “there was a definite desire to elevate Star Trek to higher territory and epic territory” he explained. “And that’s why it’s named Star Trek: The Motion Picture, not just Star Trek something else. They wanted to make sure it was differentiated from the episodic television series. That was why, I think, they hired Robert Wise, because he had done The Sound of Music and West Side Story, really important films that were epic in nature. And I think that’s what they wanted for Star Trek.”

The 4K version of Star Trek: The Motion Picture  – The Director’s Edition will debut on Paramount Plus sometime later this year.

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