Stunt woman shares jaw-dropping concept video for ‘Wonder Woman’

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, with her braceleted arms crossed in front of her face.
Image via Warner Bros.

Samantha Win — an actor, stunt performer, and martial artist — is sharing an incredible concept video for Wonder Woman a year before the film went into production that highlights the importance of the pre-visualization work when it comes to stunt choreography and action direction.

Win portrays Diana Prince in the video, albeit in a cloth tiara and a t-shirt, but totally kicks butt nonetheless. Although Gal Gadot would go on to perform the role in the films Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, and Justice League, Win nevertheless got to don a “real” tiara when she portrayed the Amazonian Euboea in the 2017 Patty Jenkins-directed film. Win shared the video on Instagram Friday.

“I  got to play pretend as #WonderWoman on a ranch in the California sun… and it was flipping fantastic 😆,” Win wrote.

The video was choreographed and edited by Guillermo Grispo, Win said. According to IMDB, Grispo has worked as a stunt and fight coordinator for everything from DC’s Wonder Woman to Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. He was also the stunt coordinator for Wonder Woman’s first-ever cinematic appearance in the Zack Snyder-directed Batman v Superman.

Previsualizations, generally speaking, is part of a film’s pre-production process — usually, after a script is written but before any filming has commenced — and can include everything from real-world photography, to concept art, to hand-drawn storyboards. As you can plainly see, the previz Win shared bares a lot of resemblance to the finished “No Man’s Land Battle” scene from the film, including deflecting bullets with her Bracelets of Submission, smashing up the bad guys’ guns, and generally just kicking lots of ass.

In terms of what we know about a forthcoming Wonder Woman threequel, after the crowd-pleasing but less-critically-acclaimed sequel we got in 2020, Wonder Woman 1984, Gadot recently revealed the filmmakers are actively working on a script as we speak.

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