Stupid Move? Warner Brothers Puts Dumb And Dumber To Into Turnaround


It’s a sad day for Harry and Lloyd. Despite some good press and a bit of generated excitement, Warner Brothers has pulled the plug on the Dumb And Dumber sequel, Dumb And Dumber To.

Despite the obviously brilliant pun of the title, Dumb And Dumber To was sort of hovering in a netherworld anyways. Jim Carrey jumped ship (kind of) last June when he began to feel that Warner Brothers was really not all that interested in the idea. There’s little doubt that Carrey would have happily returned to the project if Warner Brothers showed more enthusiasm, but now that dream, like so many, has gone up in smoke.

The plot of the Farrelly Brothers’ film would have followed Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey as Harry and Lloyd searching for Harry’s illegitimate daughter in the hopes of securing a kidney transplant, because nothing says ‘funny’ like ‘medical emergency.’

The team of Dumb And Dumber To are, of course, allowed to shop the film around to other studios to see if they get a bit, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Have we really been clamoring for a Dumb And Dumber sequel?

Not to fear, however, because you can still get your fix of Jim Carrey. Carrey and Owen Wilson will be teaming up for Loomis Fargo, directed by Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite). It’s a heist comedy about an armor truck driver who tries to steal $20 million. Things, I believe, do not work out the way he’s planned.

So that’s where we’re at: no Dumb And Dumber To, but yes to another heist comedy. I never desperately loved Dumb And Dumber – it was always a little too … dumb for me. But I understand that some people might be disappointed that we won’t be joining Harry and Lloyd for other wacky adventures. Sorry, guys. Better luck next time.