Stylish Marvel Supercut Recaps The Entire MCU In One Minute

Marvel Cinematic Universe Heroes

After the recent release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, the Marvel Cinematic Universe consists of a whopping twenty-three interconnected films, which would run for a total of about fifty hours. Needless to say, that’s a lot of superhero cinema for any franchise newcomer to catch up on, but if it were possible to condense all this blockbuster history into one dynamic minute, then it would probably look a lot like this stylish new supercut from YouTuber and Reddit user Lindsay McCutcheon.

The fan video was apparently edited entirely in Adobe After Effects, and honestly plays better than most professional trailers released these days. The supercut opens with the sound of Ant-Man goofing around in the Quantum Realm, culminates in the snap that changed the universe, and in between, we see a whole load of rotoscoping and blockbuster money shots.

I mashed up every MCU Film into a single minute-long video. from marvelstudios

Of course, software-savvy fans will have a lot more material to work with in the coming years once Phase 4 finally gets underway. The next era of the MCU kicks off in 2020 with the long-awaited Black Widow solo movie, which arrives in theaters on May 1st. After that, Chloé Zhao’s The Eternals is set to bring us further into the cosmic end of the franchise when it comes out on November 6th of next year.

At the same time, Marvel Studios is set to branch out into small screen adventures, starting with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which premieres on Disney Plus some time in the fall of 2020. From here, the MCU schedule only gets busier, but if the box office figures for Marvel’s 2019 slate are anything to go by, then Disney won’t be losing their fans to superhero fatigue anytime soon.