Sucker Punch Stars Want To See Another Snyder Cut

Sucker Punch

Thanks to the long and winding road that was Justice League, which finally culminated in Zack Snyder’s unfiltered vision for the DCEU blockbuster making it onto HBO Max in all four hours of its glory almost three and a half years after Joss Whedon’s unrecognizable theatrical edition was released, the notion of a Snyder Cut is probably going to follow the filmmaker for the rest of his career.

Netflix leaned into it by loudly proclaiming that the Army of the Dead that we got was the Snyder Cut of the film, and after the 300 and Watchmen director teased that there’s an even longer version of his 2011 misfire Sucker Punch out there, two of the movie’s stars have jumped on the bandwagon to start yet another online campaign.

Wherever Zack Snyder goes hashtags seem to follow, and it looks as though #ReleaseTheSnyderPunch is the latest to join #ReleaseTheSnyderCut and #RestoreTheSnyderVerse in being tweeted by his army of supporters all across social media. As you can see below, star Jena Malone is already fully on board, while Abbie Cornish also backed the movement on her Instagram stories.

Sucker Punch

Of course, Sucker Punch is owned by Warner Bros., and the studio have made it pretty clear that they’re looking to get out of the Zack Snyder business, so it’s not as if they’d be champing at the bit to have him mount yet another extended version of a film from his back catalogue so soon after Justice League, especially given the frosty end to what had previously been a fifteen-year working relationship. There’s already a Director’s Cut as it is that’s eighteen minutes longer, and that will realistically remain the longest cut of the fantasy actioner that we see.