Suicide Squad Director Confirms Ayer Cut Features Harley Quinn/Deadshot Romance


Since Zack Snyder’s Justice League got the greenlight at long last, DC fans have moved on to campaigning Warner Bros. to release David Ayer’s original cut of Suicide SquadThe director’s original vision for the 2016 movie was hugely different from the theatrical version and, in recent weeks, Ayer has been opening up about what we missed out on in the deleted material on social media. The latest bombshell? That Harley Quinn and Deadshot hooked up.

A Twitter user asked Ayer to clarify something about one scene. When Joker arrives on his helicopter to get Harley back, Deadshot looks at Harley’s neck implant and she asks: “What? I got a hickey or something?” The fan wondered if this was meant to imply that she and Floyd Lawton had got to know each other better prior to this moment. Though Ayer didn’t elaborate on it, he replied with a thumb’s up emoji, so we can presumably take that as confirmation that this fan is correct.

Of course, there’s been chatter before about Harley and Deadshot potentially having a romantic subplot originally. Partly because the pair have been a thing in the comics and also because Will Smith and Margot Robbie likewise played lovers in 2015’s Focus. Now we know there was some truth to this, after all. This fits with what else we know about the Ayer Cut, too, which was to have had a much more independent arc for the Clown Princess.

As is well known, thanks to clips of this sequence featuring in trailers, Joker was to have returned after his helicopter crash and turned on the Squad, allying with Enchantress. Harley would have stood up to her puddin’, though, and remained with the team. Maybe part of the reason why was because she had developed a connection with Deadshot. We won’t know for sure though unless or, hopefully, until WB releases the Suicide Squad Ayer Cut on HBO Max at some point.