Suicide Squad Director Finally Explains That Joker Plot Hole


Suicide Squad might have had an outstanding visual flavor – whatever you think about it, it won the Oscar for Best Makeup – but it’s hard to argue with the fact that its plot was riddled with as many holes as one of Deadshot’s victims. Particularly when it comes to anything to do with Jared Leto’s Joker, whose role in the movie was heavily reworked in reshoots and the editing suite.

Two years after its release, director David Ayer has now served up an explanation for one puzzling detail. The filmmaker previously established that the Joker wears grills on his teeth because Batman had smashed his dentures to pieces after the death of Robin, an event that was revealed to be part of the DCEU’s past in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

Suicide Squad elaborates that Harley Quinn was an accomplice to this killing. However, in the flashbacks to Harley’s origins in the movie, the Clown Prince of Crime is seen with his signature grills while incarcerated in Arkham Asylum. As Harley hasn’t joined his side yet, this must be before the murder of the ill-fated Boy Wonder. So, how does this make sense with Ayer’s explanation?

When one fan put this to the filmmaker on Twitter, he responded by revealing that the discrepancy is due to the timeline of the franchise being altered after production completed.

“If Batman beat Jokers teeth out for killing Robin, how is it Joker has the grill when he’s a prisoner in Arkham talking to Harleen? In her bio in the film it states she was an accomplice to Robin’s murder. Not saying its not a dope ass concept, just doesn’t add up,” wrote a user on Twitter.

“The timeline was changed later after filming,” replied Ayer.

We’re not sure exactly what Ayer’s talking about here, but it’s definitely true that the details of Robin’s death were not as originally thought. Due to the established comics history, everyone assumed the dead Robin was Jason Todd. However, Zack Snyder recently revealed that it was his intention for Dick Grayson to be the Joker’s victim. That’s a bit odd, though, considering WB are planning a Nightwing movie.

As for the Joker’s grills, maybe their origin will properly be explained if Leto ever makes a return in a Suicide Squad sequel or that touted spinoff film. Until then, feel free to speculate.

Source: Twitter