Suicide Squad Helmer David Ayer Issues Apology For “Fu*k Marvel” Outburst

Task Force X, David Ayer’s assembly of anti-heroes and crooks, are now days away from storming into theaters, though the director has been quick to extinguish a fire that could have potentially clouded Suicide Squad‘s arrival – and no, we’re not referring to those less-than-stellar reviews.

Upon attending the film’s New York premiere, Ayer conceded that he was guilty of getting caught up in the moment, repeating one fan’s flippant Marvel insult in front of the vying masses. It didn’t take long for a video clip to emerge online, leading the filmmaker to issue an apology for his outburst via Twitter.

It isn’t the first time today that David Ayer has took to the social media platform, after he posted a Tweet in response to those early reviews, claiming he would “rather die on my feet than live on my knees.” Bold words, of course, but the real conundrum now facing the Powers That Be at Warner is whether Suicide Squad‘s panning will influence its turn at the box office. After all, a steep second week drop-off really clipped the wings of Batman V Superman back in March.

Suicide Squad opens on August 5. In the interim, check out our own verdict of Warner Bros.’ gleeful spinoff.