Suicide Squad Passes Man Of Steel At The US Box Office

David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, has turned out to be a bigger financial success for Warner Bros. than most people could have expected. The supervillain team-up flick was ravaged by the majority of critics, and a substantial second weekend drop at the box office had many analysts predicting a continuing decline for Harley Quinn and co., but that wasn’t to be the case.

Suicide Squad passed the all-important $500 million mark at the global BO a couple of weeks ago, and currently sits at around $672.9 million – which means that it should comfortably make between $700-$730 million before it finishes its theatrical run.


Domestically, the movie didn’t quite match the $330.36M taken in by Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, but it is expected to hit $300M by close of business today – meaning that it will have surpassed the first film in the DCEU, Man of Steel, which only managed to amass around $291 in North America.

Perhaps not quite the smash hit the studio would have liked, but one has to believe they’re pretty happy with that performance when you take into account what a risky venture a movie about a team of relatively obscure bad guys was always going to be. Plus, who knows what the final totals would have been had the film been granted a release in China?

Suicide Squad is still showing in most theaters, and we should have an official Blu-ray/DVD release date pretty soon, so stay tuned.

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