First Look At Amazon’s Suicide Squad Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Revealed


First up is Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. The actress went to great lengths while playing the character, and considering the fact that she’s getting her own spinoff, that’s something which looks set to pay off for her. When that will happen obviously remains to be seen, but Harley has been widely praised by fans and critics alike so far.


The other statue is Will Smith’s Deadshot. Surprisingly, he’s actually wearing the mask here, something which has understandably been absent in the vast majority of Suicide Squad marketing materials. Smith has also been widely praised for playing the assassin, and while a solo outing isn’t being lined up for him just yet, you have to believe he’ll show up again somewhere down the road.

Suicide Squad has not been the critical success that many fans hoped would “save” the DC Extended Universe (that’s something the cast has had a fair bit to say about), but it definitely appears to be less divisive than Batman V Superman so far. As a result, expect these Suicide Squad collector’s editions to sell out quite fast.

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