Harley Quinn Shows Off Her New Costume In The Suicide Squad Set Photo


Margot Robbie has finally been spotted shooting The Suicide Squad this week, revealing Harley Quinn’s revamped look for what will be her third DCEU appearance. In contrast to the pink and blue pigtails she’s had in the past two movies – Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey – pics from filming in Panama have unveiled Harley’s new red and black ‘do, a look that’s pulled straight from the comics.

This new image – seen below – gives us a clearer glimpse at Harley’s appearance in the film. As you can see, the photo captures Robbie in between filming as she follows writer/director James Gunn through the set. Given her red dress, fans are theorizing that Harley might masquerade as a flamenco dancer for a portion of the movie. Maybe it’s in order to steal a spear? After all, a previously surfaced video saw Harley dressed the same way getting into the back of a cab while carrying a spear.

Birds of Prey, which is currently in theaters, doesn’t directly feed into the Suicide Squad sequel, with Harley ending up as free as, well, a bird. We last see the anti-heroine living it up with her new protege, Cassandra Cain, having split from the Joker and realizing her own self-worth. Clearly, though, she’ll be captured by Amanda Waller again either prior to or at the beginning of TSS.

Shooting on The Suicide Squad has been split across Atlanta and Panama so far and it’s believed that Gunn’s take on the team will feature two separate versions of Task Force X, with one squad being sent into wherever Atlanta’s standing in for while the other, top tier, team goes to Panama. Alongside Harley, this second squad includes Idris Elba’s Vigilante and John Cena’s Peacemaker.

The Suicide Squad is due to blast into cinemas from August 6th, 2021, and once more set photos or videos arrive, we’ll be sure to share them with you, so stay tuned.

Source: Twitter