The Suicide Squad Set Video Reveals A New Look For Harley Quinn


While Birds of Prey screens in theaters, Margot Robbie is busy working on her next outing as Harley Quinn. James Gunn’s The Suicide Squadpart-reboot/part-sequel to David Ayer’s 2016 movie, is currently shooting in Panama but up until now, we hadn’t got a glimpse of Harley. This new set video changes that though as it reveals that the Clown Princess will get a brand new look for the film.

The video gives us a peek at a snippet of a bizarre-looking scene, in which Harley runs out of a building with a spear in her hand and flees the location in a taxi. The anti-heroine is wearing a red dress and boots and, most noticeably, she’s got a new hairdo. In place of her pink and blue pigtails that she’s had for her last two appearances, Harley is here depicted with red and black hair.

Harley fans will know that her red/black hair is pulled from the comics, with The New 52 rebooting the character’s look and featuring her haired dyed in these colors. The Arkham video games also gave her a similar design. This is the second time the DCEU has borrowed a classic Harley look, then, as Suicide Squad previously saw Robbie don the traditional Harlequin costume for a brief flashback sequence.

Not much has been officially revealed about The Suicide Squad just yet, apart from its enormous cast. The reason it’s so star-studded though is because it’s believed that the movie will feature two separate lineups for Task Force X. A kind of second-tier team who’ll be sent into action first, and then the big guns who’ll go in after they fail. Harley is on the second group, along with Idris Elba’s Vigilante and John Cena’s Peacemaker.

And we’ll find out who else will join them when The Suicide Squad reaches theaters in August 2021.