Summit Is Moving Forward With Red 3


Red 2 isn’t even out yet but already Summit Entertainment is moving forward with Red 3. The studio has signed on Jon and Erich Hoeber (who wrote the first two films) to pen a third instalment. Of course, it’s far too early for any further details but we can safely say that Red 2 will probably not be the last of these characters.

Now, it’s important to remember that the existence of a Red 3 doesn’t necessarily mean that the studio has a ton of faith in the property. Perhaps they just want to be prepared in the event that Red 2 is a big hit. More and more these days we see studios doing this kind of thing, rushing out sequels to keep their franchises relevant. This mentality has got its pros and cons but in the case of Red, all I can say is, why?

Honestly, I’m still puzzled as to why we’re being given Red 2. I really didn’t care for the first film and though I can appreciate the fact that the sequel is poised to make Summit a healthy profit, I just have no desire to see more of the mindless, bland and forgettable action that the first film presented to us.

Red 2 will hit theatres on July 19th. As we patiently await to see how big of a disaster it will be, tell us, are you excited that we’ll now see Red 3? Or are you sick of the series already?