Supergirl Movie To Tell Kara’s Origin Story And Have A Female Director

Supergirl Season 4 Poster

Warner Bros. has had much success so far with female-led DC movies – Wonder Woman and the positive buzz surrounding both WW84 and Birds of Prey – so it’s no surprise that the studio has plans for further superheroine flicks from female filmmakers. We’ve known for a while that a Supergirl solo pic is coming, for instance, and We Got This Covered can now reveal that WB is searching for a female director to helm it.

Our source is telling us that though they don’t know any names the studio might be considering, they’re exclusively looking for women to make their Supergirl movie. Whoever the director turns out to be will be the third female to helm a DCEU film, following Patty Jenkins’ work on the Wonder Woman franchise and Cathy Yan on BoP. WB previously showed their commitment to pairing female characters with female filmmakers as well when Joss Whedon vacated Batgirl in favor of a female director.

What’s more, WGTC can report that Supergirl will be an origins story. We’ve been told that Kara Zor-El’s backstory will be similar to the comics as well. Classically, the Girl of Steel is sent to Earth to protect her cousin Kal-El after Krypton explodes, but she’s caught in suspended animation until he’s older and already Superman. TV viewers are already familiar with this from The CW’s Supergirl show but, from what little we know,  the film will stick with tradition, too.

Supergirl will be part of the rebooted continuity of the DCEU, alongside The Batman, and won’t follow the Man of Steel mythos. The Big Blue Boy Scout himself won’t show up, but the movie will sow the seeds for a new actor to don the cape and tights in a sequel or even their own film. In any case, it’s previously been reported that Kara’s solo effort could start shooting in early 2020, so we should learn more about what WB has planned soon.