Will Superman Make An Appearance In Suicide Squad?


We already know that Batman will be showing up in David Ayer’s highly-anticipated Suicide Squad. His exact role in the film is still unknown, but set photos from a few months back (which you can see above) confirmed his appearance. The Caped Crusader is apparently the link that ties Suicide Squad together with Batman V Superman, and his inclusion in the plot makes perfect sense.

What about the Man of Steel though? With Batman showing up to take care of the villainous team, should we expect to see Supes pop up as well? According to Henry Cavill, the answer to that question is a firm “no.” Or at least, that’s what he told Metro in a recent interview.


While rumors have pointed to Superman somehow factoring into Suicide Squad, just to provide even more of a connection between the film and BvS, it simply wouldn’t make sense and would probably feel shoehorned in. Sure, it would be cool for fans to see both iconic heroes take on a role in Ayer’s upcoming flick, but there’s no way that they could have worked it out and made it feel natural for the story. Plus, it probably would have caused a couple problems for the continuity of DC’s extended universe, given how these movies are being laid out.

What’s interesting to note, however, is that Cavill said he might be showing up in Suicide Squad 2. While far from official confirmation, it’s definitely encouraging to hear, as with Suicide Squad and Batman V Superman out of the way, they could definitely work Supes into the sequel and make it feel more natural.

Tell us, are you disappointed to hear that the Man of Steel won’t be showing his face in Suicide Squad? Sound off below and let us know.

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