Superman vs. Elite To Feature The Dark Knight Returns Extended Preview

DC’s animated films, especially their Batman features, have usually fared much better than their live action movies and The Dark Knight Returns looks like it will be no different.

DetodoTV has leaked a 12-minute preview of The Dark Knight Returns which will be officially released with the Blu-Ray and DVD of Superman vs. Elite. Most of the video are clips from storyboards with voiceovers, as well as folks discussing the original comic, characterization, animation decisions, and voice actors. Near the end though, approximately seven seconds of animation are shown.

Bleeding Cool reports that the The Dark Knight Returns Part One is expected to introduce itself at Comic-Con in San Diego.

Besides the obvious excitement for an animated adaption of one the greatest Batman stories around, there’s the ground-breaking introduction of one of the only Robins rarely discussed, Carrie Kelly. With Carrie stepping into the spotlight, DC comics may potentially take a liking to the bespectacled Girl Wonder and feature her in their New 52.

Who knows? With one female Robin animated, Stephanie Brown may be the next of the Bat-family. Cassandra Cain, if we’re even luckier. (Kate Kane would probably take a miracle).

What do you think of what we’ve seen so far?