Superman: The Movie Will Return To Theaters For Its 40th Anniversary


Even though we still have two more boxes to check off in 2018 when it comes to live action superhero films opening in cinemas – those being Venom and Aquaman – fans of the genre will soon have the chance to view one of the classics as they may never have before.

According to Fandango, Superman: The Movie is scheduled to return to theaters on Sunday, November 25th. Celebrating the groundbreaking flick’s fortieth anniversary is that of Fathom Events, whom you may remember as the same outfit behind limited engagements pertaining to Batman: The Killing Joke and Batman and Harley Quinn.

Right now, Fathom Events have yet to update their own website to reflect the monumental re-release, but odds are that they’re going to wait for just a little longer before allowing us all to purchase tickets. Either way, it wouldn’t be foolish to assume that a special trailer will hit the web prior to doors opening.


Actually, this comes as the latest treat to those who love the Man of Steel, as the long lost three-hour cut finally found its way to Blu-ray not long ago, in addition to Superman: The Movie being added to the National Film Registry. And if all goes as we hope, that 4K remaster we’ve been waiting for won’t be far behind.

Seeing as how Superman II is often just as highly regarded, fingers remain crossed for similar festivities to take place come 2021. As you may know, there were several cuts of the sequel assembled for television exhibition, so there’s much potential for souped-up home video releases, not to mention theatrical screenings for its own fortieth birthday.

Tell us, will you be checking out Superman: The Movie at your local multiplex on November 25th? Sound off in the usual place below!

Source: Fandango