Superman: The Movie Rumored To Be Getting 4K Remaster


Even though we receive at least a half dozen superhero films on a yearly basis these days, the fact of the matter is that we owe a great debt to director Richard Donner and all involved in the production of Superman: The Movie back in the late 1970s. Before then, a blockbuster of that scale centered on a comic book character was simply unheard of, so to think that a genre was handily legitimized with such an effort is indeed commendable.

In fact, now that it’s been 40 years since Christopher Reeve changed the game, it comes as no surprise that there are rumors circulating alleging a 4K Ultra HD remastered edition is on the way. After all, the long lost 3-hour cut finally made its way to Blu-ray last year, so this would seem like the next logical step. Hey, aside from new releases, the classics always seem to be guaranteed for upgrades whenever the latest home theater technology comes along.

So, if we’re to believe what CapedWonder had to say over on Instagram, then we’re about to revisit Metropolis thanks to the highest resolution currently available. Here’s what was said in that post:

“The 40th anniversary is looking up! A 4K UHD of the first movie is coming! I have seen the stack of cans containing the original camera negatives for ‘Superman-The Movie’ at Warner Bros., and can now confirm that a new 4K scan (achieved with a new scanner) and remaster of the theatrical cut of ‘Superman-The Movie’ is underway. The box art featured here is a mock-up that I created and sent to Warner Bros. in March 2016 when I contacted them about doing a proper 4K UHD release. I have no confirmed release date. More details to follow. Stay Tuned! “

Like they say, the cover art is indeed a mock-up, but it’s very possible this old poster could adorn the final product. Personally, I’d prefer seeing Big Blue himself, but there are those who dig the simplicity of what can be seen above.

If this does, in fact, pan out, it could launch alongside the upcoming DC Universe streaming service, which will have Superman: The Movie and several sequels available for consumption. Plus, big events such as Motor City Comic Con have already observed the 40th anniversary, so it wouldn’t hurt to keep the celebration going in this sense.