Here’s How Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles Could Look As The MCU’s Cyclops


The X-Men are coming to the MCU…eventually. Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige teased at the San Diego Comic-Con that “the mutants” were on their way, likely in Phase 5. In the meantime, fans are busy picking their choices for new takes on the most iconic of Professor X’s proteges. Like Cyclops, for instance.

Who would be the best person to don the red quartz visor in the franchise, though? Well, how about Supernatural star Jensen Ackles? Not convinced that Dean Winchester would look the part as Scott Summers? Then check out this exciting fan art from BossLogic, in which the digital artist has decked Ackles out in the kind of classic Cyclops costume that we never got in the Fox movies.

Of course, Ackles has long been a fan favorite choice for many superhero roles in the past, with Red Hood being a particularly popular one. Now that he’s no longer tied down to The CW, then maybe he can finally make the jump to the big screen and land himself a major comic book movie character.

As for Cyclops, specifically, former Cyke James Marsden has voiced his interest in returning if Marvel wants him. Some old-school X-Men fans would likely love that, but most signs are pointing to the studio completely rebooting the mutant super-team. Current Cyclops Tye Sheridan also suggested this when he and the rest of the Dark Phoenix cast revealed they hadn’t had any discussions with Marvel yet.

There’s no telling exactly what they’ll do with them, then, but if they want a pretty traditional take on Scott, Jensen Ackles certainly wouldn’t be a bad choice.