A Surprising Action Movie Has Been Dominating Netflix Today


Though it likely won’t remain there for very long given that over 70 new titles just arrived, a rather surprising action flick has been dominating Netflix today.

Surrounded by regulars like 365 DniThe Nut Job and Despicable Me on the Top 10 movies list is Extraction, with the Bruce Willis-starring film currently the ninth most popular pic on Netflix. And yes, we said Bruce Willis. Not Chris Hemsworth.

While Extraction is a title that immediately brings to mind the massive hit featuring the MCU star which dropped a few months ago, this is actually another movie entirely. Rather, it stars Bruce Willis and released back in 2015. And unlike the Hemsworth flick, it’s an entirely forgettable affair.


With a measly 6% on Rotten Tomatoes, 2015’s Extraction sees a retired CIA field operative captured by terrorists, with his son taking it upon himself to save him. It’s a generic plot and the film itself is rarely if ever anything but mediocre across the board. In fact, The Toronto Sun‘s review summed it up well when critic Liz Braun wrote: It’s a rare movie that can’t be saved by Bruce Willis single-handedly killing all the bad guys.

So, how has this dud found itself so popular on Netflix today? Well, we’d chalk it up to two things. One is that you have to imagine at least some people flipped it on thinking it was the other Extraction, only to realize it wasn’t once they got a decent way into it. That, and the fact that until today, there hadn’t been a ton of new notable content on the platform, is probably what resulted in this flick finding a sudden surge of popularity. Though it’s not one that’s likely to last very long.

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