A Surprising Action Movie Is Totally Dominating Netflix Right Now


While Netflix’s wild new docuseries Tiger King is taking over the globe right now, there’s one rather surprising action title that’s absolutely dominating the streaming service’s newly-added Top 10 movies list.

As you may’ve seen, the current #1 film on Netflix is 2019’s Angel Has Fallen, the third entry in the Gerard Butler-starring series. The first outing, Olympus Has Fallen, was basically Die Hard in the White House, while London Has Fallen was Die Hard in London. And for the latest installment, we got Die Hard in West Virginia. Which just so happened to result in the franchise’s worst effort yet.

Butler returns as Mike Banning, who’s already saved the President twice over the course of the past two films but is still framed for the attempted assassination of the Commander-in-Chief that occurs in Angel. Now, he must clear his name as he races against time to uncover what’s really going on and who’s behind it all. It’s a plot that’s about as generic as they come and plays out pretty much how you’d expect. But clearly, Netflix users are eating it up.

Angel Has Fallen

In fact, when you move away from only looking at films, and glance at the overall Netflix Top 10, Angel Has Fallen is still doing pretty well for itself, with the pic sitting in fourth place behind heavy hitters like the aforementioned Tiger King and Ozark. So clearly, folks are finding something to like about it.

What that is, we can’t say for sure. After all, Angel Has Fallen didn’t exactly light up the box office, nor did it impress critics upon its release. But perhaps in these trying times, people just want some easy entertainment that allows you to turn your brain off while offering up a few thrills along the way. And this mediocre action flick certainly falls into that category.

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