A Surprising Benedict Cumberbatch Movie Is Dominating Netflix Today


Remember last week when I chastised the internet for streaming Elf in the middle of the summer? Well, get ready for the sequel to that. Bigger budget, fatter cast, longer runtime, same lingering disappointment at the close. You’re going to love it.

Another Christmas movie has risen into the Netflix Top 10 films list and this time it’s Benedict Cumberbatch’s animated retelling of The Grinch. It’s currently the 10th most popular movie on the platform.

Upon its release, the 2018 family comedy went on to become the highest grossing holiday film of all time. Not a bad Christmas present for the suits at Universal (come on, no one’s made that joke for 2 years). Evidently, its charms are working just as well during beach season as they did during holiday season. Don’t ask me why, though, as I’m currently biting my fist to stop myself from going on the Elf rant again.

Allow me to make you an ultimatum. If I log on next week and find Miracle on 34th Street is trending on Disney+, or that a baby reindeer is melting the hearts of anime-eyed Twitter users, I will rain down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger. No, I will not get into the Christmas spirit. The only Christmas movie you’re allowed to watch out of season is Die Hard, which came out in the middle of July and was never marketed as one.

Well, biting my fist didn’t work. My sincerest apologies. If you’ve got any complaints about the tone of this article, leave them in the comments section. You’re also welcome to leave any thoughts about The Grinch, but quite what there is to say about it I’m not sure. Complaints it’ll have to be, then.