A Beloved Will Ferrell Film Has Been Dominating Netflix All Week

Will Ferrell

You’re maniacs, all of you. Have you never heard the meaning of the word seasonal? It’s to do with, I don’t know, the seasons. Someone clearly hasn’t told Netflix subscribers this, as a popular Will Ferrell Christmas movie has been in the service’s Top 10 films list for almost the entire week now, occupying various spots over the past few days.

I say a popular Will Ferrell Christmas movie like there’s more than one, but there’s not. You know I’m talking about Elf. The 2003 comedy has gone down as a classic of its genre, featuring Ferrell as a human who is accidentally raised as one of Santa’s elves at the North Pole. On discovering his true identity, he decides to search for his real father.

Evidently, it’s struck a chord with streamers lately – god only knows why. Heartwarming cinema though it may be, there’s a time and a place. That time is after Halloween and before New Year’s Day. The place is the same as it normally is. I mean, have we run out of movies to watch?


I get it, we’ve been stuck at home for a while. Thinking of which, perhaps this is the first sign of lockdown-induced psychosis. Or, even more worryingly, could the coronavirus have mutated? So many questions. If it has, these may be our last sane hours on Earth. Time to put your hazmat suit on and walk to your nearest quarantine facility.

The only other plausible explanation I can think of is viral media driving an upsurge. Netflix advertises Elf, people start watching Elf, Elf appears on more viewers’ recommended list, more people watch Elf. That’s the cycle. Coronavirus mutating seems just as likely, though.

Anyway, that’s my musings over, I’m off to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol. Oh christ, the virus has mutated.