Svetlana Khodchenkova May Play Viper In The Wolverine

Only a few short days ago we heard that Jessica Biel was the frontrunner to play female assassin Viper in James Mangold‘s upcoming X-Men spin-off, The Wolverine. Then, we received news that she was out of the running and would not be part of the film. As fans began speculating as to who could possibly take on the role, Fox wasted no time in putting out another offer.

Twitch is reporting that Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy vixen Svetlana Khodchenkova has entered deep talks with the studio for the role, looking to ink a deal sooner than later.  While still a relative unknown here stateside, the young Russian actress has been keeping busy building her reputation through numerous home country features.

No argument can deny that the athletic Biel would have suited Viper’s toned build rather well physically, but Khodchenkova offers closer ethnic resemblance as the character herself is mentioned to be of Eastern European heritage.

Khodchenkova remains un-tested in the action genre to this point though, a somewhat worrisome notion when considering Viper exists as a character powerful enough to fight Wolverine toe to toe.  Svetlana is much more easily perceived as a glamorous model type rather than rough and tumble warrior, but the same could have been said for proven Resident Evil zombie slayer Milla Jovovich.

So now that Jessica Biel is officially old news, would casting Ms. Khodchenkova appease you comic fans out there? Who do you think could be a better Viper?