Some Sweet Fan Art Shows What Russell Crowe Could Look Like As Cable In Deadpool 2


As production of Deadpool 2 is no doubt set to commence sooner rather than later, the hunt begins for whomever will play Cable, a role that many will agree is almost as important as Wade Wilson himself. As such, Fox will want to make sure they hire the right man, as to say this highly anticipated sequel is a priority for the studio is a massive understatement.

Some might say that social media can be a thing of beauty in certain cases, because it allows actors to publicly express interest in specific roles in ways that simply couldn’t be done in previous decades. So, when someone as well respected as Russell Crowe takes part in discussions concerning him possibly playing Cable, you’d better believe many eyes will be affixed to him.

What probably kicked this off was Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld politely Tweeting at Crowe last week and suggesting the seasoned veteran play the time traveler. A bit of back and forth ensued that probably had curious readers nodding in agreement. It’s important to realize that this doesn’t confirm Crowe’s involvement in the production – or that anyone in the casting department has even approached him, for that matter – but it does illustrate he’s at least given it a passing thought.

A few days later, Crowe decided to add more fuel to the fire by resuming his conversation with Liefeld with a piece of fan art by Ernest Barath showing what he could hypothetically look like if cast. And, since then, Boss Logic has added his two cents as well by treating us all to one kickass rendition of Crowe as Cable:

Although Deadpool 2 currently lacks a release date, the latest chatter points to a 2018 opening. Stay tuned for more.