Sydney Sweeney set to star as one of the most iconic sex symbols in comic book history

Image: Dynamite Entertainment / Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for MTV

Sydney Sweeney isn’t content with just a role in the Spider-Man universe, with her slated to star in and executive produce an adaption of the erotic science fiction comic Barbarella.

An obscure French comic series that has its roots in the sexual revolution of the early 1960s, Barbarella has now been picked up for an adaptation by Sony Pictures. Fresh off working with Sweeney on the upcoming Madame Web film, they’ve tied The White Lotus down for another big comic book role according to Deadline.

Barbarella is a space adventurer who goes on wacky and sexually-charged adventures across the galaxy. Depicted typically in a skin-tight scarlet and latex suit, she’s had a history of controversy during attempts to bring the comics to America. Seen as too pornographic and erotic for 1970s America, the books were labeled as one of the first erotic comic series to hit shelves.

There had been previous attempts to adapt Barbarella into cinema, with 1968 seeing Jane Fonda famously star as the character. The second-highest-grossing film in the United Kingdom in 1968, the likes of Rose McGowan, Drew Barrymore, and Bridget Fonda were considered for various reboots of the film.

Barbarella has seen a recent resurgence in comics thanks to Dynamite Entertainment, with Captain Marvel writer Kelly Sue DeConnick penning a series in 2015.

Sweeney is destined to be one of the screen’s biggest stars, with her becoming highly sought after following breakout roles in Euphoria and The Voyeurs. Despite being confirmed as part of Madame Web, there’s plenty of speculation over who exactly she will be portraying.

One of the most popular guesses is Charlotte Witter, who is one of many characters to take on the Spider-Woman mantle.

Barbarella does not have any release window confirmed, with no director or writer attached to the project yet. Madame Web meanwhile will release Feb. 16, 2024.