A Sylvester Stallone Classic Is Coming To Hulu Next Month


Most actors of Sylvester Stallone‘s age would have absolutely no interest in headlining action movies, but despite being just three weeks younger than Donald Trump and three months older than Game of Thrones veteran Charles Dance, the 74 year-old shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Having recently played one of his most iconic characters for the supposedly final time in Rambo: Last Blood, the action legend will next be seen in subversive superhero movie Samaritan once production gets the all-clear to resume following the Coronavirus pandemic, and he’s still trying to get The Expendables 4 off the ground.

Stallone is no stranger to franchises, of course, with Rocky, Rambo, The Expendables and Escape Plan totalling a combined nineteen installments, and he recently announced that a long-awaited sequel to one of his most popular movies is finally in the works. The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 star surprised many when he announced that a follow-up to Demolition Man was happening almost three decades later, but fans are already more than on board for seeing John Spartan return to the big screen.

Wesley Snipes has also been heavily rumored to reprise his scenery-chewing role as villain Simon Phoenix, and for those that don’t have the patience to wait for the project to come together, the original is heading to Hulu next month. On September 1st, to be exact.

Demolition Man has even been hailed for predicting the future over the last few months thanks to the dystopian San Angeles avoiding handshakes and close physical contact, while the bizarre toilet paper shortages sparked by the pandemic have also led to calls for our society to adopt the three seashells instead. Unfortunately, the movie doesn’t tell you exactly how they work, but there are still more than enough reasons to catch it when the classic Sylvester Stallone pic arrives on Hulu in just a few weeks.