Sylvester Stallone Promises Serious Vengeance In Rambo V: Last Blood


Sylvester Stallone’s living it up at the Cannes Film Festival. Not only was a 4K restoration of the 1982 classic First Blood set to release at the prestigious event, but the beloved actor was also sent to France to promote the latest (and possibly final) sequel to the franchise, Rambo V: Last Blood.

As reported by Deadline, Stallone provided some of the first details as to the film’s plot – which, up until this point, could only be pieced together by various behind the scenes photos and videos.

Like most of the earlier additions in the series, John Rambo will be trying to live a normal life, but the PTSD from his service in Vietnam will make that more than difficult. This time, however, he seems to have adopted a down-on-their-luck family, and even becomes a father figure to a young girl.

The blood thickens, however, once the girl tracks down her real dad in Mexico, and goes to find him.

“Bad things happen,” says Stallone. “There’s going to be some serious vengeance in this movie. A lot of people getting hurt.”

From our experience with the decades-spanning franchise, and the few things we’ve seen from Last Blood thus far, it’s hardly a surprise that the newest film is looking to be another blood-soaked adventure. We’re certainly looking forward to a high body count though, and a heavy dosage of Stallone-style, old-school mayhem.

Lionsgate has already said that the movie will end the series in a “truly unexpected” way, and while we won’t know how the film and director Adrian Grunberg will go about doing that until Rambo V: Last Blood hits theaters on September 20th, we’re definitely excited to find out.