Sylvester Stallone Goes Full Cowboy In New Rambo V: Last Blood Photo


There’s a definite cowboy theme going on with the photos we’ve seen from the upcoming Rambo V: Last Blood, and this trend continues with the latest upload to Sylvester Stallone’s Instagram.

The photo sees John Rambo himself riding horseback through a rural setting and casting his gaze on a house in the background. In the caption, Stallone explains that he’ll be posting images from the fifth Rambo every few days until the film comes out. He invites his fans to see if they can follow along with the story, adding that “All of the images that I post will be in black-and-white, but the film will be in dramatic color…”

While Stallone may want to go the subtle route in teasing plot details, we have a pretty good idea already of the movie’s story, with a report from a couple of months ago seemingly giving almost the entire adventure away. Among the details we’ve heard so far is that Sergio Peris-Mencheta will play the villainous Hugo Martinez, the leader of a cartel that kidnaps girls for a sex trafficking ring. Rambo is reportedly stirred from his quiet life on an Arizona ranch after learning that his caregiver’s daughter was among those kidnapped. From here, he teams up with journalist Carmen Delgado, played by Paz Vega, to bring these criminals to justice through violent means.

So far, it’s all sounding like a typically old-school work of no-frills genre cinema, and to longtime fans of the series, that may be just what they’re looking for. In any case, we’ll find out if Stallone and director Adrian Grunberg can make the familiar formula work when Rambo V: Last Blood comes out in theaters some time in the fall.