Rambo 5 Has Just Cast Its Villain


The pieces are starting to come together for Rambo 5, with Deadline reporting that the movie now has its villain in actor Sergio Peris-Mencheta.

The Snowfall star is set to play Hugo Martinez, the leader of a Mexican drug cartel that forces a group of girls into their sex trafficking ring. The incident brings John Rambo out of his quiet retirement on an Arizona ranch and across the border, with presumably brutal results. In his treacherous mission, the famed action hero will be joined by another recently announced cast member, Paz Vega, who’ll be playing a reporter who specializes in covering the Mexican drug trade.

Though we’ve yet to get a glimpse of the bloodshed to come, we have seen a few pics of Sylvester Stallone looking ready for the fight. The latest photo from the upcoming flick saw the star sitting in what he himself described as Rambo’s “man cave,” which featured a wall lined with weapons. Another pair of images saw the reckless gunslinger dressed in full cowboy attire and riding horseback. Even at the age of 72, Stallone doesn’t look like the kind you’d pick a fight with.

The film is to be directed by Adrian Grunberg, who previously gave Mel Gibson some bad guys to fight in 2012’s Get the Gringo. As for Stallone, this next Rambo movie is just one of several nostalgic sequels he has on the way, with Rocky spinoff Creed II coming out next month and The Expendables 4 set to begin production this April.

Rambo 5 will be the first entry in the series since 2008’s Rambo, and at this rate, it may well be the last. If so, then here’s hoping that John can go out with a bang, and presumably bring a lot of people down with him.

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