Sylvester Stallone To Tackle Gangster Flick Scarpa After Rambo: Last Blood


As one of the reigning action heroes of the 70s and 80s that’s still going strong, Sylvester Stallone has proven time and time again that age ain’t nothing but a number. If you thought he’d be cashing in his chips after The Expendables 3 turned out to be a dud (its regrettable PG-13 rating being something that Stallone himself wasn’t happy with), think again.

Taking to Twitter to outline his future forecast, the actor posted three short Tweets to inform fans of his upcoming works, including Rambo: Last Blood.

The first project in the pipeline is the Rocky spinoff Creed. Slated as a sort-of sequel to Rocky Balboa, the pic will trace the rise to glory of Rocky’s former ring buddy Apollo Creed’s grandson. As well as a return to the franchise for Stallone, the pic will reunite Fruitvale Station director Ryan Coogler with his star from that film, Michael B. Jordan. The latter will be tackling the role of Creed’s grandson, who seeks out Rocky to be his trainer.

With the boxing drama gearing up for production, the next project on his table is none other than a Rambo sequel. Following an earlier report from back in September, in which we revealed the title of John Rambo’s next outing, it seems that the actor himself has now corroborated that fact:

We now know that the fifth Rambo bloodfest will be titled Last Blood, with Stallone himself presumably in the lead. With his focus currently on Creed, it’s unclear whether or not the screenplay for Rambo is complete. He did post a photo of his work-in-progress, however.

Either way, once the action sequel wraps, Stallone will head back into dramatic waters for Scarpa. Scripted by Nicholas Pileggi (Goodfellas, Casino), the film revolves around a hit man for the Colombo crime family who notched up a staggering number of kills for the clan.

First reported back in July, the pic has Brad Furman at the helm instead of Pileggi’s usual partner-in-crime, Martin Scorsese. Originally slated to begin lensing around this time, it looks like the cameras might not roll for Scarpa until Rambo: Last Blood is in the can. We might wait a while for all three, but by the looks of things, they’ll be worth it.