Talking To The Cast Of Kill The Messenger At The NYC Premiere


One of the year’s first true Oscar contenders has arrived in the form of Kill The Messenger, a thrilling and fascinating look at the life of journalist Gary Webb, who uncovers a massive conspiracy that implicates the CIA in a Nicaraguan cocaine smuggling ring. After he digs a little further and eventually exposes them, he’s praised for his work and congratulated on his journalistic efforts.

However, what Webb soon finds is that both government agencies and rival papers are gunning for him, intent on discrediting him before any lasting damage can be done to their reputations. And when your principal sources are shady drug dealers, staying out of the hot seat is difficult. We Got This Covered’s own Isaac Feldberg gave the film a perfect five-star review, calling it one of the best movies of the year, as well as “a taut, thrilling and completely devastating true tale.”

Last week in New York, Kill The Messenger had its red carpet premiere and we were on hand to cover the event. Catching up with the principal cast, we spoke with them about their hot new film and got the scoop on what will surely be a favorite come awards season.

Check out our coverage of the premiere above and be sure to catch Kill The Messenger in theatres as quickly as you can. Trust us, this is one film that you do not want to miss.