Watch Another Tantalizing 15 Seconds From Tomorrow’s Wonder Woman Trailer


UPDATE: Two more sneak peaks have now been released and can be seen below.

Warner Bros. has whipped us into a frenzy for tomorrow’s new Wonder Woman trailer, doling out a second tiny sneak peek on Facebook. This snippet, which follows the first one released earlier this evening, expands on the film’s World War I London setting.

It shows a gloomy looking, misty London, with Wonder Woman describing it as ‘hideous’ as she passes under Tower Bridge. Now, Themyscira is a literal paradise, so she’s got high standards, but if she thinks the area around the Tower of London and the Thames is that bad I hope to God she never has to go to Croydon.

The rest of the trailer gives us a moody, desaturated glimpse at her using her powers in ‘man’s world,’ fighting soldiers in an office building and galloping through a forest (presumably somewhere in Europe). It’s all too brief, but leaves the mouth watering for tomorrow’s full trailer, due to premiere during the Kids Choice Awards on Nickelodeon. There’s a lot of anticipation for it, too, aa audiences are waiting with bated breathe to discover whether Wonder Woman is actually going to pull through and break the DC Extended Universe curse that’s casting a bit of a shadow over Warner Bros.’ cinematic plans.

For me, it’s a coin flip right now. I want Wonder Woman to do well and prove that a female-led superhero movie can clean up at the box office, but then again, whispered reports from previews aren’t exactly glowing. But, as always, the proof is in the pudding and by tomorrow evening we’ll be able to make a more slightly more informed prediction.

Wonder Woman is due to hit on June 2nd, with Zack Snyder’s suspiciously quiet Justice League due on November 17th. If they both fail, it could spell the end for DC’s plans to emulate Marvel’s gargantuan success.