Task Force X Ventures Into Some Dark Places In First Suicide Squad TV Spot



Warner Bros. has premiered a new TV spot for Suicide Squad, showcasing the chaos that ensues when the worst of the worst venture off the radar in order to save the world.

Cutting together old footage from the full-length trailer, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything that could be classified as new in today’s clip. If nothing else, it’s a concise and stylish reminder that we should really get back to watching that show-stopping snippet from a fortnight ago.

Debuting via Instagram, here’s the clip in question:

Worst of the worst. #SuicideSquad

A video posted by Suicide Squad (@suicidesquadmovie) on

Indeed, it’s by no means the only Suicide Squad media to surface online in the past few days, as a string of remixes and detailed analyses have reared their head (yesterday’s stylish reinterpretation rooted Warner’s clip in the DC Animated Universe), proving to be a wonderful slice of fan service for those who have grown up with Task Force X and their extended roster of characters.

In terms of David Ayer’s live-action rendition, it’s likely Warner Bros. will begin dialling back the promo material for Suicide Squad for two reasons. First and foremost, to give Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice its due in little over a month’s time, and secondly to allow the VFX team to wrap up any remaining effects shots before Ayer’s villainous blockbuster is unleashed in the summer.

Suicide Squad will bring together a who’s who of mercurial characters when Warner’s anti-hero flick opens on August 5.

Source: Instagram

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