Tears shed as Sony fails to announce ‘Morbius’ sequel at CinemaCon


Sony’s CinemaCon panel was a wild ride, to put it lightly. Not only did the studio reveal new details on the two-part Spider-Verse sequels, but confirmation that Venom 3 is officially in active development went down as you’d expect online, while the announcement of Bad Bunny starring in a solo movie about a character to have appeared in just two comic book issues ever has split opinion.

Unfortunately, the one reveal everyone was waiting for hasn’t materialized as of yet, and we are of course talking about a sequel to Morbius. Jared Leto’s Living Vampire has somehow conspired to become an internet cult hero, despite headlining one of the worst-reviewed superhero blockbusters in history, which has only barely made it past $150 million at the global box office after nearly a month in release.

As you can see, though, the same people who turned director Daniel Espinosa’s misfire into a cult classic are calling Sony out on not awarding a green light to the Spider-Man spinoff everybody obviously wants to see more than any other.

Sony’s handling of Marvel Comics adaptations has always been haphazard to put it lightly, dating right back to the overambitious plans to spin The Amazing Spider-Man off into an entire universe, which imploded at the second hurdle when the boardroom realized it had bitten off way more than it could chew.

At the end of the day, chances of Morbius 2 actually happening grow slimmer by the day, but it would be worth making it happen just to see how the online community reacts.