Terminator: Dark Fate Director Teases Upcoming Trailer With New Photo

Terminator Arnie

It’s unlikely that anyone thought Terminator would still be one of the most-talked-about film franchises in 2019. And yet, here we are: clenching our fists in anticipation of the upcoming Dark Fate, the sixth mainline installment in Skynet Skydance’s beloved sci-fi series. Sitting behind the camera for this one is Tim Miller of Deadpool fame, and along with the studio, he’s recruited an all star ensemble cast made up of familiar heroes (Hamilton! Schwarzenegger!) and new characters alike.

It’s no wonder Terminator: Dark Fate has been billed as something of a fresh start for this legendary franchise then, and though this obviously isn’t the first time we’ve described a new Terminator movie as another beginning (see: Genisys), there’s a real sense of excitement swirling around the project  – particularly now that its first trailer is on the way.

At least, that’s according to Miller, who took to Twitter this week to share the photo in the gallery down below along with the following message:

“I like to spend every #TerminatorDay in a dark room thinking dark thoughts & our edit bay is the perfect place! We’re here putting the finishing touches on our FIRST TRAILER-we’re just weeks away from releasing this fucker into the wild & we’re very, very excited.” -Tim Miller

We’re excited too, Tim. After all, Dark Fate is not only the first outing in the series since Judgment Day to feature Linda Hamilton, but it’s also the first in just as many years to involve series creator James Cameron, who’s back on board to produce. At the same time, there’s plenty of new blood involved, too, including Gabriel Luna as a Terminator with the ability to split into two separate units, and Mackenzie Davis as a soldier-assassin named Grace.

Meanwhile, the pic will serve as Tim Miller’s first movie behind the camera since 2016’s Deadpool. Based on the above caption, he seems pretty excited about what he’s cooked up, but you can judge for yourself if this will be the return to form we’ve been promised it is when Terminator: Dark Fate hits theaters on November 1st, 2019.