New Set Video From The Terminator Teases Cool Helicopter Scene


In the wake of an increasingly derided, though still rather profitable, series of sequels, next year’s Terminator reboot will be pulling a Halloween and disregarding every entry in the franchise save for the two that everyone likes. And with James Cameron back on producing duties, it’s obvious that the Tim Miller-helmed sci-fi has every intention of bringing us back to those glory days when the property had yielded nothing but classics and Sarah Connor hadn’t yet suffered an off-screen death.

In that light, it seems rather fitting that the upcoming actioner may well feature its own helicopter set piece, which could serve as a welcome callback to one of the many fine chase scenes of Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Of course, we could be getting ahead of ourselves here, seeing how details on the next installment are still in short supply, but after watching this set video of a chopper taking flight, surely it’s our duty to speculate.

This footage was apparently taken in the city of Komárom, Hungary, with the production spending some time in the region now that filming has wrapped in Spain. Naturally, fans have their thoughts on who could be occupying and operating this vehicle, and though the clip doesn’t give viewers much to go on, one current theory’s that Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor is piloting the helicopter, while Mackenzie Davis as a soldier/assassin is in the passenger seat.

If you’ll recall, earlier this month, we were treated to another set video, which seemed to show a section of a chase scene complete with screeching tires. More interesting, however, was our recent first glimpse of Davis, with the Halt and Catch Fire and Blade Runner 2049 star looking heavily scarred, but smiling at least.

We’ll see what kind of chemistry her character has with the similarly hardened Sarah, not to mention old Arnie himself, when The Terminator releases on November 22nd, 2019.