A Terrific Mark Wahlberg Movie’s Been Dominating Netflix Today

Patriots Day

Yesterday, July 1st, Netflix added 2016 crime drama Patriots Day to its online library. The film, which stars Mark Wahlberg as a Boston cop, tells the gripping real-life story of the investigation of the Boston Marathon Bomber and brings us what’s without a doubt some of the actor’s best work. And it seems that tons of viewers on the aforementioned streaming site are really digging it.

Currently, Patriots Day is dominating the Top 10 charts, with the film sitting at #1 on the Top 10 movies list and #3 on the Top 10 overall list, which means a lot of people are flipping it on and enjoying some quality entertainment. And as we now head into the long weekend, we imagine it’ll only continue to occupy viewers’ time as they look for some good content to dig into as the global lockdowns remain in place – for the most part – and the theatrical release schedule refuses to fill up.

Patriots Day

Of course, any time a new film or TV show arrives on Netflix it usually gets a bit of a boost, so perhaps it’s not too surprising to see Patriots Day doing so well. But in this case, its success is well deserved. While in some instances movies or TV series only make it into the Top 10 because there’s not much else to watch or people are just checking them out due to sheer curiosity, when it comes to this flick, it’s truly a terrific piece of work.

Stirring, well-acted and riveting throughout, Patriots Day is well worth turning on whether you’ve already seen it or not. It’s far from the only thing that hit Netflix this week, with the streamer kicking off July with a huge content drop, but it’s certainly among the better new additions and a watch that you won’t regret.