Terrifying New Halloween Trailer Welcomes Back Michael Myers


40 years after Michael Myers first terrorized babysitters on All Hallow’s Eve, The Shape is back in Haddonfield, Illinois, and so is his prey, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis). Yes, horror fans are counting down the days until Blumhouse’s upcoming Halloween sequel hits cinemas, and today, we have a brand new trailer to feast on, which follows up on that downright spooky poster from yesterday.

From what we’ve been told, the pic operates on the basis that Michael Myers was arrested at the end of Halloween, ultimately leading to the moment when, after 40 years spent locked behind bars, he makes his escape and begins hunting Laurie Strode once more. But make no mistake, Jamie Lee Curtis’ character has spent the past four decades preparing herself for the worst. And the worst has come, as you can see in this new batch of footage.

From the off, Halloween‘s second full trailer places the focus squarely on Michael Myers, who can be seen hiding in plain sight as the children of Haddonfield indulge in a little trick-or-treating. The tension is practically unbearable.

It isn’t long before The Shape finds himself a weapon (hammer first; kitchen knife later) to begin his reign of terror, and we imagine Laurie Strode isn’t too far behind, given she’s spent the past four decades waiting – praying, even – that Myers would escape. Why, you ask? So she could kill him.

Halloween creeps into theaters in time for October 19th, and only then will we know if David Gordon Green and Danny McBride have dropped any breadcrumbs for a potential sequel. They have retconned the entire series, after all – save for John Carpenter’s seminal classic – so it’s not exactly outside the realm of possibility…