The Internet Has Some Priceless Reactions To Terry Crews’ New Movie On Netflix

John Henry

It isn’t often that we get to see Terry Crews in a leading role, but John Henry has the beloved actor front and center for a dramatic revenge tale. After a fairly limited theatrical release in January, the pic’s now on Netflix and has managed to find spots on both the Top 10 Movies and Top 10 Overall lists, seemingly indicating that it’s quite popular amongst viewers. But it seems not everyone’s a fan.

For those unfamiliar, John Henry tells the story of an ex-gang member from LA who turned his back on a life of crime to settle into a quieter, suburban life. But after two young immigrants find themselves mixed up with his old gang leader, he decides to return to the life he left behind “to end the cycle of violence on his own terms.”

Written by Will Forbes and Doug Skinner and helmed by the former, Crews stars in the film as the titular character and is joined by Ludacris as the main antagonist. Meanwhile, supporting them is a cast that includes Jamila Velazquez, Ken Foree, Tyler Alvarez and Joseph Julian Soria.

John Henry

All things considered, it’s a pretty harmless and often entertaining watch, even if it ultimately fails to leave much of an impression. But for a number of Netflix users, it just didn’t hit the spot and as you can see below, they’ve now taken to Twitter to share some priceless reactions to it.

So, like we said, not everyone is digging John Henry. Though given that it currently holds the #4 spot on the Top 10 Overall list and #2 on the Top 10 Movies list, it’s clear that not all viewers feel this way. Or, you know, it could just be the case that people are hate-watching the film now, which we’ve seen happen with quite a few Netflix titles recently.

Whatever the reason for its popularity on the charts is, Terry CrewsJohn Henry is now available for your viewing pleasure, so you can go ahead and make up your own mind on whether or not it’s any good.