Terry Crews’ New Movie Is Now On Netflix And Viewers Are Loving It

John Henry

It’s a rarity to see Terry Crews in a leading role, but John Henry places the beloved actor front and center for a dramatic revenge tale. Now, following its limited initial January 24th release, the film has found its way on to Netflix and has started to crawl up the service’s Top 10 list.

John Henry tells the story of an ex-gang member from Los Angeles who gives up a life of crime to settle into a quiet and comfortable suburban world. But when two young immigrants get involved with his old gang leader, he decides to step back into the life he left behind to end the cycle of violence on his own terms.

The film was written by Will Forbes and Doug Skinner and directed by the former. Crews plays the titular character and is joined by Ludacris in the role of the pic’s antagonist, while surrounding them is a supporting cast that consists of Jamila Velazquez, Ken Foree, Tyler Alvarez and Joseph Julian Soria.

Unfortunately, John Henry has a pretty awful Metacritic rating of 27 out of 100, with most critics agreeing that the movie is cheesy and poorly-handled. Still, that hasn’t stopped it from becoming a huge hit on Netflix, with the film currently sitting in first place on the Top 10 Movies list and #3 on the overall list.

Holding the top two spots, meanwhile, are the second season of Dead to Me at #1 and teen drama Outer Banks at #2. Elsewhere, after spending a week or so as the service’s most sought-after content, the Chris Hemsworth action flick, Extraction, has fallen down the ladder to #7 overall.

You can head though here to see everything else that landed on Netflix this past weekend and as always, watch this space for more announcements in regards to what’s coming to the streaming service, as May has tons of great content on the way.