Tessa Thompson Says Valkyrie Could Beat Killmonger In A Fight


You can now see Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson reprising their roles as Adonis and Bianca in Creed II, and by all accounts, they do a decent job of extending the sweet romance that provided the original Creed with some of its emotional resonance. But while the pair might be all lovey-dovey in the Rocky cinematic universe, it’s sounding like they wouldn’t be so friendly in the MCU.

There, they’ve played Killmonger and Valkryie (in Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok, respectively), two tough-as-nails warriors from very different corners of the universe. Knowing this, IGN asked them the burning question of the age: who would win in a fight?

Well, let’s examine these contenders. In the blue corner we have Erik Killmonger, the abandoned son and rightful ruler of Wakanda. He’s driven, has special ops training and a burning desire to revenge himself against a society that’s genuinely wronged him. Working against him is that… well, he’s pretty damn dead. But let’s ignore that and imagine him at the peak of his powers in the movie, making him infused with the Black Panther abilities, which would give him super-soldier like strength, durability, speed and reflexes as well as an enhanced regenerative factor.

Meanwhile, in the red corner is Valkyrie (aka Brunnhilde). As an Asgardian, she comes pre-loaded with superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes, durability and longevity. Like Killmonger, she also has combat training and was the master of the Valkyries, making her one of the most powerful warriors in Asgard. In Thor: Ragnarok she managed to overpower Loki, helped train Hulk for the arena and survived a battle against Hela where all of her comrades fell.

Let’s be honest, there’s really not much to argue about here. Valkryie would turn Killmonger into a fine paste before he’d even know what was going on. Thompson agrees with this assessment, too. When the pair were asked the question, she didn’t even need to hear the end of it before answering “Valkyrie.” Jordan said, “You don’t even wanna think about it?” To which Thompson simply replied: “Nope.”

Fair enough Tessa, fair enough.