Thanks to Amazon Web Services’ sudden outage, idle hands are Twitter’s playthings

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Image: Marvel / Disney

An Amazon Web Services outage that has caused problems across a range of web-based platforms — ranging from streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus, to Amazon deliveries, to the dating app Tinder and many others — is unsurprisingly causing a stir among people on the internet.

Amazon provides cloud servers, through their subsidiary Amazon Web Services, to a number of apps and websites you likely interact with online, not least of all the company’s own products, like its website, the A.I. assistant known as Alexa, Kindle ebooks, Amazon Music, and Ring security cameras.

In addition, there were a number of other popular websites impacted, such as cryptocurrency site Coinbase, streaming service Roku, and the money exchanging apps Cash App and Venmo.

The outage has also reportedly affected Amazon drivers who use a proprietary app to keep track of their deliveries.

When the outage occurred Tuesday morning, and due to the rippling effect it apparently had across the internet, people understandably took to Twitter to either roast Amazon or simply vent their frustration.

Though an Amazon official status page has acknowledged the outage, and they even say many of the services have since recovered, but while they continue to work towards full recovery, people who caught on to the outage early on were perhaps understandably sassy over the entire situation.

What else are you supposed to do when half the internet is down?

Another user was simply confused after seeing the topic blow up on social media, seemingly out of nowhere.

Still, others had a simple message: better buckle up for the ride while this whole thing gets ironed out.

One Twitter user even claimed he thought the outage messed up a McDonald’s kiosk, which while unproven and speculative at this point, certainly doesn’t seem entirely outside the realm of possibility at this point.

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