LEGO Leak Reveals Thanos’ New Look For Avengers: Endgame


UPDATE: These photos have been removed at the request of the studio.

Even though Thanos is actually dead in the comic book world and someone may soon take his place, he currently remains as the big bad in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As such, we’ll spend the next few months pondering how Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will defeat him in Avengers: Endgame.

On that note, another topic for discussion as of late has been in regard to whatever threads the Mad Titan will don in the highly anticipated followup to Infinity War. After all, if you just made wide-sweeping changes to the universe, you’d also want to look your best, right?

Keeping its longstanding tradition of spoiling movies is that of LEGO, whose toylines have often let cats out of the bag well in advance of more opening weekends than we can list. The latest casualty, of course, is Avengers: Endgame, with Thanos’ new duds being seen below.

Thanks to Mario Power over on Instagram, we can see the intergalactic despot in clothes somewhat similar to those worn in the previous flick, yet with some minor differences. I’m just hoping that he wears the helmet more often going forward, not just for the sake of accuracy to the source material, but also for optimum safety reasons. Hey, you have to admit it’d be embarrassing to get concussed on a casual bike ride after surviving an encounter with Thor.

All jests aside, Disney tells us to expect a real barn-burner with the following hyperbole:

What started with Iron Man in 2008, is going to end with a bombastic bang. After lots of adventures and the most dramatic final in the recent movie history of Avengers: Infinity War, all threads of the Marvel Cinematic Universe converge to the ultimate, game-changing showdown.

Avengers: Endgame opens in theaters on April 26th, 2019.

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