Why Thanos Didn’t Just Create Another Universe In Avengers: Infinity War


It’s been one of the most contested takeaways from Avengers: Infinity War – why didn’t Thanos, a being with near-limitless power, just create another universe in order to mitigate any concerns of overpopulation? Or better yet, double the number of natural resources so that Earth and other planets don’t succumb to the same fate as Titan…

The first question has fueled all sorts of debates online, with one theory, in particular, claiming that Marvel’s Mad Titan actually built another universe, and it’s this alternate realm that became the sole destination for Spider-Man, Black Panther and those other MCU heroes dusted by the souped-up Infinity Gauntlet.

Not so fast, though, for YouTuber Eman’s Movie Reviews has posted a new Avengers: Infinity War video which seemingly debunks the overriding theory that Thanos created multiple realities. For one, Josh Brolin’s purple tyrant was emboldened by Titan’s downfall, as he was the one who suggested slaughtering 50 percent of the population so the other half may live and prosper.

He was cast out, of course, but history tells us that Thanos was ultimately correct… in his own twisted way.

As this particular MCU video points out, Thanos is operating under the Messianic complex that only he can restore balance to the universe, leaving him with no choice but to drastically reduce the total population using the six Infinity Stones.

The whole dual reality theory also undercuts the gravitas of Avengers: Infinity War, which raises the stakes to such an extent that big-name characters like Peter Parker and T’Challa are reduced to ash. If it turns out that they were simply transported to another reality, it would only be a disservice to Infinity War‘s incredibly bleak finale.

Besides, ever since Avengers: Infinity War reached theaters back in April, the film’s creative team have reaffirmed time and time again that the deaths were real, which completely goes against this dual reality theory. And finally, as Eman’s Movie Reviews notes, it doesn’t chime with Thanos’ original plan – a plan that will spill over into the events of Avengers 4 when it touches down on May 3rd, 2019.